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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 21, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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or low t. come on, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. >>neil: attention passengers, puts your seat backs in the upright position because this will be bumpy. for boeing, the landing in south carolina is going to get rough. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and south carolina could be a right-to-work state but today more like a right to be worked up-state. at issue, a thousand jobs, boeing jobs, nonunion jobs in the sitting well with union bosses and the national labor relations board which airport -- ain't sitting well with politicians including the
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republican governor. >> we absolutely will not allow them to come bully our businesses or mess with our employees. and as -- i absolutely will in the stand for it. >> she is vowing to protects any company that comes under fire even if the fire is light. after all boeing announced this move back in 2009 and unions say to avoid hiring union workers altogether in washington state. south carolina republican senator is not heap, either. what will happen, senator? >>guest: i thought i had seen it all but now the administration is acting like a bunch of thugs. they really are trying to bully and intimidated boeing and they are attacking every right-to-work state and warning every employer in the country if they happen to decide to move to a state where workers are free not to join a union they will be harassed and haranged by the national labor review board.
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the president has packed this board with union guys and now he is going to try to court -- curry union favor. i cannot believe they attacking a major employer when he said they are trying to create jobs. >>neil: the president and the white house says it has nothing to do with this but this is nlrb issue, not a white house issue. >>guest: the president could stop it in a second if he wanted to. and, frankly, he is the one who packed this board. he is the one who is responsible for the way they are behaving. and this is very much like some of the other agencies, bullying and attacking the people who are creating jobs in america. but this is the worst of the worst. they announced this two years ago but they are forcing boeing to spend millions of dollars in legal costs to try to against
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their right and they did not move a production facility. this is a new one. they have added jobs in washington since they started building this plant in south carolina. so, they do not have a case. but they are certainly going to make boeing spend a lot of money and warn every business in the country they cannot do what is best for their business. >>neil: boeing when they announced the move to expand into south carolina, and you are right they did not swap out one operation to hire the workers here, they added, they expanded a facility. the argument then was that it was a right-to-work state, and trendily to business. unions are countering that and saying, you are an antiunion state. what do you say? >>guest: that is in the true. people are free to unionize and join unions. we do protect the rights of a secret ballot and every american should have that. and, in south carolina you are free not to join a union. free not to pay did did dues sog
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every state in the country should have and if you look at the economics of states that do not allow this, when you create a state like this you create a better way to do business. >>neil: is it your sense that it is uniting democrats, as wealth, in south carolina? this is jobs. >>guest: you cannot find a democrat to go against the union so i have in the heard any democrats speak out against the review board yet. i help we will. this should be something that unites us and should not be a partisan issue. any company in the country should be free to open a new facility in any state it wants to. >>neil: could they stop this, senator, could they nix it altogether? >>guest: they have really, they are assuming powers we think they don't have as a review board and i think it will end up in court, in front of a fair judge if they continue but what they want to do is drag it
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out, force boeing to spend millions, and then in the process, warn every other company in the country don't move to a right-to-work state. >>neil: thank you for taming the time, senator. no wonder so many companies move overseas if this is what they have to put up here says my guess. >>guest: i thought the thug analogy was perfect because i thought, they say when you go to prison, you walk in and you punch the biggest guy in the mouth and of course, boeing ... but you go in and here is the administration sending a message to all businesses. and they picked a giant company. this is the largest exporter in this country. boeing is huge. is huge they have a bad month all american economic data falls apart. you put boeing into place and everything else could fall into
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line. >>neil: the timing is odd. the union people say this has been an issue for two years. and others say this has been an issue for unions for a long, long time, but just coming to a ahead because the barred got involved. >>guest: it is interesting and as we come out of the situation in wisconsin, maybe the president is feeling, well, maybe we cannot make it this way so we have to involve yet another agency. listen, the agencies are incredible. the epa. hud. and now, of course, the national labor relations board. they are power will. and the president actually can step away and say it is them and not me and the fact is they are pushing the agenda which obviously is a pro union agenda. >>neil: so you don't buy that the white house is in the involved? >>guest: absolutely not. the president runs a tight ship with no agency going to do anything like this. this is national news. this is big news.
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we're talking jobs. america desperately needs job and this would not be green lighted without a nod from the white house. >>neil: but if you are the president and you see 1,000 jobs, you would prefer them to be union you would still be happy to have 1,000 jobs, right? >>guest: the idea is to protect unions. even if it means boeing goes overseas. it is that deep and critical an issue. >>neil: you would think other c.e.o.'s will say, this is more of the same. we are out. >>guest: who wants to fight this battle? this is intimidation tactics and goes beyond boeing and the united states government. this is the administration saying forget the right to work states, stay where you are, hire union personnel, and by the way, boeing get as lot of business from the federal government. >>neil: now the argument against what you are saying is that when they go after the
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right-to-work states, in the case of toyota and the others that is u.s. operations, nonunion workers here it never goes anywhere anyway, so you are making a mountain out of a me hill. >>guest: i don't know about that. a lot of things came up. holder is putting together a committee to go after organized ... oil companies because every now and then a guy with an individual filling station hikes up the price. that is not a national conspiracy. the battle has been joined. and this is what it will be. the president uniting the american people against business and called rip -- rich people. we will see things like this every single day. >>neil: so you are off the white house christmas party list? >>guest: again. >>neil: pair and balanced the union guy says charles is just a
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pain and it is time they showed some cajone. this is a union in the afl-cio that would be involved in the boeing matter? >>guest: it involved all unions. this is the national labor relations board enforcing the law. the right to strike is being enforced. boeing made it clear they were going to move the production line to south carolina because there were strikes in seattle and it is against the law to intimidate workers against their right to strike or to retaliate against workers for engauging in lawful concerted activity. >>neil: but they didn't do that, right? they have in the ... they have no shrunk the washington workforce but expanded into south carolina. i could see if they shut down the facility in washington state
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and opened a new one in south carolina, and even then i would think it was in the company's right to pursue that but they didn't do that. >>guest: here is what happened. there was a strike at the last contract negotiations. boeing management told the union workers in both documents, e-mails, and in verbal speeches they were going to move their next production lane because of the strike. that's illegal. so this is the national labor relations board enforcing the national labor relations act. this is a pro union or anti-union, not either. >>neil: that sacrificed $6.5 billion in boeing revenue hurting all workers, unionized and nonunionized. wouldn't you be more interested in protecting the workers than shielding the union? >>guest: i am for protecting all workers and for making sure that corporate america follows
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the law and protects workers' rights. >>neil: no workers were fired. i would almost see your point if they said we are firing you union guys and we are going to south carolina and hire workers but they didn't fire anyone. they expanded operations. >>guest: they did it because the workers were on strike. >>neil: what if the strike cost you billions and you want to hedge your bets for the future and realize if it happened again the whole ship is going down or the big old plane, and they figured they would hedge their bets if that happened again, so the very striking workers could be protected because the nonunion guys are pulling up the slack in places like south carolina. >>guest: this is about being violating federal law and being being punished ferry lating
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federal law. >>neil: you would risk a company going down to make a point about protecting union jobs? >>guest: what i wrote say if the company wanted to avoid a strike they should negotiate in good faith. this is a very profitable company that has been --. >>neil: but they have negotiated in good faith other contracts and one contract turns particularly divisive in a competitive global environment, they are hardly lucifer with wings. >>guest: and the machinist make sure boeing gets the contract for the new air tanker and lobbied hard for boeing to get the contract. >>neil: what are you going to say when boeing said it is not worth the headache here in washington, in south carolina, to hell with it, we will do everything out of china. >>guest: because they can't. they don't have enough skilled labor in china. >>neil: how do you know?
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i see scores of company that make that same argument and yet they do. game over. >>guest: all boeing has to do is follow the law. this is not about right-to-work. >>neil: they have in the broken any law. >>guest: they have, they have broken a law. i explained it. they violated the national labor relations act by retaliating against the workers. >>neil: they society -- set up and expanded into another state. >>guest: boeing made it clear why they were doing this, they did it this documents and e-mails and verbal speeches. they made it clear. >>neil: but 1,000 more people have jobs. so does it matter whether they are union or not? >>guest: i am for creating both union and nonunion jobs. that is not the issue.
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the issue is --. >>neil: the union part is a big issue. >>guest: you are a wrong. this is a country of laws. >>neil: good to see you, regardless. and gold topping $1,500. and settling at $1,503 fears inflation is sending investors searching for safe havens and silver hitting a record. and look at the pump, is the president on the hunt for someone to blame? ♪
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>>neil: oil hitting $112 a barrel and up 22 percent this year. the president is asking for a
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task force to investigate this but our guest said it is the president's policy behind the pain at pump. explain. >>guest: we have seen the price of oil absolutely spread since president obama took office. there are two reasons. number one, our record budget deficit is a reason. he pushed through a health care bill that cost as lot of money. last week, s&p downgraded our debt outlook, and that has drive were down the cost of the dollar. when you run record budget deficits the value of the dollar goes down so that dollar when you want to go buy a barrel of oil, it will cost you more. >>neil: having said that, it could also be just the angst and the fear, and you don't buy that? >>guest: i don't buy into it. the markets run up with threats of supply. the reason why we have seen the price spike because of the
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president's war in libya and the concerns of what is going on in the rest of the region, the matter is say, guys, be careful. we need to reduce demand because if we lose oil production from another country we are going to run out. the market is saying, slow down the demand. take it easy. and that will assure you we don't run out of supply. >>neil: is it your sense the administration might be, if prices go higher, while still married to a last the other green technologies and energy alternatives, realizes that there is a limit on how far they can push that if prices get prohibitively higher and it would be open to more drilling sooner than you think. >> maybe not, maybe they want to sell green energy to the american public and increase the price of energy to make it look economically feasible. face it, most of the energy technology, they are pouring billions of dollars at it, have
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little chance to replace oil, and the bow man ask of natural gas we are sitting on. if you took half of the money, put it toward switching our cars to natural gas, we could decrease our imported oil by 50 percent in five to 10 years. why are we waiting? i have no idea. >>neil: you have mentioned if we were to she some financial resolve here, get our deficits under control, or head in that direction and the dollar picks up, oil prices are down, oil looks good, do you agree? >>guest: absolutely i agree. look what happened to the value of the dollar since the s&p downgrade. look what happened to the cost of the barrel of oil, gold, silver every commodity. there is nothing more inflationary for commodities when there is a lack of confidence when you bay it what you pay for the commodity will be worth less a week later so if we said, guess what, get the budget under control, you would see oil prices drop
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dramatically, maybe $10 to $15 a barrel if we come to a budget agreement. >>neil: you snooze, you don't always lose apparently. how do you turn a chevy guy into a ford truck guy?
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>>neil: and now the f.a.a. firing only two air traffic controller caught falling asleep. eight have been suspended since march, but why not all fired in and now, we have a retired united airline captain. what do you make of that, i would think given what happened moorheads would roll. >>guest: well, let me first
4:25 pm
explain that we still have the greatest and the safest aviation system in the world by many factors because of the professionalism of air traffic controllers. >>neil: i know that but the spoiled actors are ruining the basket. >>guest: i don't condone somebody slacking on the job or condone somebody falling asleep but do not forget these are human beings. we are not nighttime creatures. >>neil: i have worked at mights but never had to want for planes landing but there are expectations that come with that. and if you can't do it, some people cannot deal with the heat of the stress, or the regiment then don't. a lot of people would jump at the chance to do it. >>guest: i agree. if you can not do a job don't do it. however, you have to look at the root of the problems.
4:26 pm
the rotating shifts that these guys work is a killer on your body. the body rhythm is totally thrown off its course. you know, again, this is a very, very small segment, 99.9 percent of the traffic controllers are doing their job perfectly. >>neil: my point exactly, captain, but this is something i am sure that affects a lot of hospital residents and doctors and nurses, and so many, firemen and policemen who work hellish hours and a lot of overnight hours and they are in the given much slack themselves and many of them are paid a lot less. i am in the trying to be callous but looking for those who are doing the job and the 99.9 percent who are functioning properly, and these guys are spoiling it for them.
4:27 pm
>>guest: i could not agree with you more. but, again, you have to look into causes of this, the doctor that you talk about who works three shifts in a row you cannot expect him not to fall asleep occasionally or nod on the job. the other thing with the controller, when you are a single operator in the cab, they have, say, from midnight, they start at midnight and work the ground control, the tower, and the clearance delivery all one person doing this. and about 3:00 in the morning, when there is no traffic, there is all of a sudden a lull in all the work that they have done so there is nothing else to do and if you are working by yourself there is a possibility of, say, you are nodding. >>neil: i know, i know i can understand everything you are saying and i have the highest respect for your industry but i
4:28 pm
am saying there are rules and limitations and there are requirements and i know pilots have some sort of a mechanism especially a co-pilot situation where, i don't, there is a buzzer ago something to wake one or the other up and i don't know if that is required here, but --. >>guest: in my old 007 there is a little technology called pilot response a design but into the aircraft and if we don't touch a control for, say, a predetermined time, say, 20 minutes, if i don't say anything on the radio, if i don't touch anything, a little yellow light comes open and it says "pilot response." if i still don't do anything for another five minutes, this sound wakes you up and they can but the that in every criminal now
4:29 pm
we are. >>neil: all i am saying a lot of people are trying to be understanding to the controllers and i have far more understanding, concern, and fear for passengers in the planes assuming that there is someone at the other end safely guiding them in, and not knowing that they are watching a movie or falling asleep or watching cnn. you know in >>guest: well, the other thing is, there is a misconception that air traffic controllers control the airplane. that's so far from the truth. >>neil: well they are in the doing that, then we are redebating the whole thing here. >>guest: the thing in washington, dc, in the middle of the night was, there was absolutely nothing to control. there was in other airplanes around. and these guys, yes, the pilots lands on their own without
4:30 pm
landing clearance. >>neil: but what about the guys watching a movie. i don't care how were of a fan of samuel l. jackson, i would have gone for a better movie but that is just me. >>guest: i agree with how, i agree with you. >>neil: thank you. remember that controversial executive order the one requiring government contractors to suppose their political contributions? well we got a copy of it and let's just say ... job creators, be worried. if you go out of your way to fly with an airline does that airline go out of it's way to reward you?
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not until an update to a story from yesterday about forcing companies to disclose political donations to get government work. we got our hands on the order. every contracting department and agency shall require all submitted officers for federal contracts to disclose certain political contributions and expenditures. my guest does not like the sound of that. he runs a construction company. you just got a government contract, i understand? >>guest: yes and there were no politics involved. why the president is seeking to insert them which is what he is doing, the process that actually was designed to be devoid of any politics. they set up the whole system that way and now we get the guy from chicago telling us we need
4:35 pm
to worry about politics and contracts? this is stunning. outrageous. and the fact it came from the white house ... >>neil: but it is a draft, to be fair. you know how drafts go. i was trying to understand this. flip it the other way, what if they are trying to be on the up and up, bear with my analogy, and that if everything is on barred, in other -- on board, al donations, anything, anything that could be a potential conflict is out there, in the application, what do you make of that? >>guest: there are things already available and why they need to sit down and go through, there are 200,000 federal contractors a year, and those are the people that win the contracts. there are probably four or five or six losing bidders each time. what do they make a decision on
4:36 pm
in is this part of a way to make the purchasing of procurement decisions one way or the other in what do you do about that? >>neil: do you have a union shop? >>guest: no. >>neil: is that precluded you from a contract you felt. maybe after that appearance you got something, and maybe we helped with that. having said that, do you get a sense as a chamber of commerce has charged that unions are exempt from this? >>guest: yes, and anyone who receives a grant or any other stuff but that is not done competitively. here's contracts which are competitively bid, you win based on price and skill and a long process. the politics part should having in whatever to do with it. this is counter productive to keep politics out. >>neil: but the politics is in
4:37 pm
it by the fact that so many are awarded to unions. >>guest: we are talking about contracts such as providing paper towels to the local social security office. it is different than other threshholds in construction where it is big dollars like $25 million but here they are talking first dollar out you have to poll all employees. it is insane. incredible outrage. >>neil: he looks like a no nonsense guy. good luck. poll numbers down because patience is wearing thin?
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4:41 pm
german solar company nearly $2 billion but sending green overseas has my next guest seeing red. chris, i don't see the logic in >>guest: well there isn't. this is politically chosen, and i will not say winners but they are choosing cheap loser from a line of loser standing if line who will not get financing in the capital markets because private people investing their money do in the see enough promise to get a return so they turn to the taxpayers and we are expanding the program, and it was found that 80 percent of this money was going overseas according to american university journalism students. the low cost unit is not made in economies where they mandate you use it. until physical -- >>neil: their argument is you grow the
4:42 pm
market you grow the pie and we benefit, as well. what do you make of that? >>guest: they moved back and forth from jump starting technology which means they can, you can walk away from the trough. no, they cannot name one they jump started. so they say well, we will develop the energy resources of the future, but the people pushing this have spent decades saying the worst that could happen for humanity is actually developing pixie dust so it is not about that but they are trying to find as the president is saying, we will find programs to make "clean energy the profitable kind." the state cannot make it, and they cannot make it work but they can make it profitable in two ways. programs like this, jacking them up and holding them up and scheme dozen make the stuff that works so expensive. that seems to be the real motivation. they do not like that which we have hundreds of years of which is cool -- coal but it is not an
4:43 pm
alternative unless it is an alternative, and solar and winds are not alternates for things that work well and efficiently and all the time. >>neil: good point. showing the wrong drama on obama lately the president is looking more like a divider than a uniter and had some cases, he gets testy. and the like ability rating is falling and my guest is not surprised. he has been under pressure, lately but he has been showing drama, maybe a short temper variety. what is the fallout? >>guest: well, what is going on here is obama knows he was facing a lot of criticism from the left wing base of the democratic party and they did not lake his deal back in december with the republicans. so he decided to come out swinging and that helps with the base. a president cannot get re-elected without a base. so he is trying to solve the
4:44 pm
base and then he will move more into the center. in the speech he had last week it was interesting he tried to do both simultaneously. why me if it was successful but he tried to. >>neil: i did not understand it. but, i do want to, just the little things that register with me and this texas reporter who was interviewing him at the white house, otherwise would not get much attention but what happened when it was all ever. you no we this very well. listen to the end of the interview. >> (inaudible) >>neil: what did you make of that? >>guest: this is obama. there are, you know, there are presidents and they appear public and they will say all kinds of things and in private they will maybe nuance it differently and say things differently. i don't think that is terribly surprising but the question is, how the public responds to this. >>neil: so how does the public
4:45 pm
spend to the comments on the budget in. >> i don't think there is anything courageous about asking for sacrifice from those who least can afford it and don't have clout on capitol hill. that is not a vision of the america i know. >>guest: well, so the election will be woman or loss with the independents. he has to get the base and have the independents and the independents respond very well when the president talks about getting the deficit down. so, if he can convincingly make that case that he is a deficit hound, and then that will be positive for him. but the problem is he has the, has to get the left wing base is he has to sound partisan for him and he has to sound centrist. >>neil: i go back to the off mike stuff that wasn't supposed to get out and this is another one that caught my attention.
4:46 pm
i want your reaction. >> want to repeal health care, go at it. you cannot do that by milk -- nickel and diming me in the budget. you think we are stupid in >>guest: if he knew he had an open mike he would not have phrased it that way. it is not the substance that will get the people, but his tone is more partisan. he tries to be soft in public, or he did in the 2008 election. but the problem in 2008 election all he had to do was show up and young people were loving him. and independents loved him. he was in the bush. he was sharp. and convincing. >>neil: he is showing more drama. >>guest: after two years the charisma has diminished and we know him for his acts and for
4:47 pm
the result and with the committee not doing so well, that can clerk the way people view him so if independents are hearing this they may get upset about it. >>neil: thank you, buddy. so you her the end of the world. playing with fire. kamikaze attack. this is what you are told if we don't raise the debt limit.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
>>neil: and now, if these guys are getting a check from us, cash it fast, because next friday we reach our debt limit
4:51 pm
and if we don't raise it up from $14 trillion in. >> failing to raise that is armageddon for the economy. >> playing russian roulette. >> failing to race the -- raise the debt limit creates a crisis. >> risking sending the economy off the rails. >>neil: we will die. everything will come crashing down. but that happens, right, but my guest says "not quite." well, the fear of god is put into us. you don't share that. why not? >>guest: i don't, but these guys will have less money to spend. the truth is, the american public does not want this debt ceiling raised and with good reason because it means business as usual in washington, dc. we will not default. if we hit the debt ceiling there are all kinds of things the treasury can do to make sure the
4:52 pm
government continues to pay its bills. and in the meantime, what we need to do is get at the heart of the debt, why is it so large, and figure a way to stop it. >>neil: i agree with this on principle and there are things to do, pay note holders and bondholders but you cannot do that forever so i guess what i am asking, could your supporters live with the one payment that we can't make, that we don't make, because that, then, defaults. >>guest: well, i think what is happening this has been vastly overblown. even if we hit the debt ceiling, there is so much --. >>neil: i know that, i know that, and you are right. you can do the rob peter to paypal thing for a year or more, but if we push it to that, where if we just do that, could you live with that?
4:53 pm
>>guest: certainly we don't want did go there and we don't want higher interest rates or raise taxes to pay that off, so, that is why using this looming debt busting ceiling out there to force conditioning to cut spending and prioritize is so important because this is the same old thing in washington and it is exactly what voters in the last election said has to stop. we have to stop issuing debt to pay for things we simply cannot afford. here we are tag about a $14 trillion debt and the real problem is the entitlement debt and you are talking $40 trillion. >>neil: what got us to this point. you are right, we push the can down the road but would you and the people would share your view, live with a default if for no reason than to teach a lesson. >>guest: i don't think we are going to get there. i don't think we need to get
4:54 pm
there. so, why want to play that scenario. i don't think there is an armageddon coming. >>neil: i hope you are right. good points. thank you. you can't say it's time to be an adult and then spew stuff like you are a child, are they being cruel when they tell the cruel when they tell the president just to "grow up." depend® colors for women. looks and fits like underwear. protects like nothing else. depend®. good morning. great day. .
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guess which way shipping costs are going? the u.s postal service has no fuel surcharges. combine that with low online pricing... and your shipping costs... ..could head in a whole new direction. it's time to rethink your shipping. >> neil: finally, you know the one thing that is good about being president, i think anyway? you always have the bully pulpit. even if now and then what you are saying is kind of total bull pit. i know it's easy for president to forget life before he was president. but seeing as it wasn't that long ago, it's hard for me to forget what he said when he wasn't president. like when he opposed raising
4:58 pm
the debt ceiling on principal as he said, a as a senator. pure politics when the republicans say the same now that he is the president. stink about republicans threatening they might, word who as a senator did. like the debt mesh. the republicans play game, the white house plays it straight. so it's the other side that is playing up the drama. you're just the side that is playing up starving grandma. they are the ones who are serious. you're being serious. like when you sere youously say we have to keep an eye on spending more than we take in, but you keep spending more than we take in. or saying we have to live within our means. but keep spending under the guise you're investing in the future. there are no sense from the opponents but you're not exactly the pope yourself. if you're truly sick of politics as usual, try something unusualment quit talking about how you're sick
4:59 pm
of politics as usual. quit saying the other side offering specifics and then rip them a new one when they do offer specific. you are accurate to say all the politicians play the games. it expect more of my president, any president of any party, to rise above these things. the onus is on you to lead and encourage others to follow. because you can't get them at a table when you are just swinging pork in their eyes. you have can't claim they're being petty when each and every day your words about exactly pretty. you admitted recently to playing politics about the debt as a senator. prove to the world you're above the temptation now as president. we'd all be in your debt. actually, we'd literally be in your debt. it'd put money on it. all right. we're getting a lot of reaction from the top story, as the government is selling major -- telling a major company where it can and cannot do business.


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